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Nature is at the heart of Nedging Hall

The Centre of Nature

Our Hall is found within some of Suffolk’s beautiful landscapes. Nedging Hall does not only offer its interiors, there is so much outside to see, and here we encourage you to explore the outdoors. There is an abundance to be found within our natural world.

The Conservation of Our World

Sustainability is found at our heart, as we have and continue to work diligently towards a flourishing environment. Agriculture is an important aspect of Suffolk industry, and despite its large scale, at Nedging Hall we prefer to keep it small and homely. Produce is grown just outside of your doors, that is then prepared and served all without travelling beyond the borders of Suffolk. When our county has so much to offer it would truly be a shame to ignore its offerings, but with whatever we take we then return. Restoring habitats from ponds to woodlands, has allowed our invaluable nature to prosper.

Living Among the Wildlife

Suffolk has an array of nature reserves that surround the Hall both near and further afield. Bury St Edmund’s Lackford Lakes, Captain’s Wood by Woodbridge, and Southwold’s Dingle Marshes harbour both plant and wildlife that is native to our very soil.

Step outdoors into our gardens and grounds, embrace it, see what you can discover.

Barn Owls in flight, muntjacs in hiding and snuffling hedgehogs are all to be found, and the list of creatures doesn’t end there!

Farm animals such as the famed Suffolk Punch and Suffolk Sheep have earned their place in Suffolk’s heritage, helping form the identity of this county. Learn of ‘Lavenham Blue’ or visit the Suffolk Punch at the Woodbridge Sanctuary.

It all begins here at Nedging Hall. Acres of unique land to discover. We are proud of Suffolk’s nature, and it would be a shame not to share it.


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