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5 Reasons Why a Corporate Retreat Is a Good Idea

  1. Take a break from the routine  

Nobody can deny that a break from time to time is good, and a retreat offers just that. Work can often make us forget to take time for ourselves, and the build-up of stress can be felt by everyone in the work environment, making the day so much harder. Stress and fatigue are definitely not the ingredients for a productive workday, and that's where the retreat comes in. Taking some time away from the workplace can allow everyone to recuperate and regain the energy needed to do their job to the best of their ability. Why not take a dip in the pool to release some tension? 


2. Get to know your colleagues 

It’s important not to take the people we work with for granted, and a retreat is a great opportunity to show appreciation to the people you may work alongside every day. Strengthen bonds, which will strengthen all. Working with people we know well can be all the more motivating, new ideas can be shared, and collaboration can bring a whole new atmosphere to the workplace; all for the better! What place is better to get to know people than in our stunning accomodation in the picturesque Suffolk countryside? 


3. Learn new skills  

Being in a new environment brings a whole new range of opportunities to learn that can be brought back to the workplace. Team building skills can be acquired from all sorts of activities, and what makes a corporate retreat even better, is that it doesn’t feel like monotonous training. Learn something new or share what you already know with others. This would be the chance to collaborate, celebrate what we know and what we can learn. Whether that be through socialising or getting out and doing something active! 


4. A bit of marketing… 

A retreat is undeniably a good opportunity to get some great pictures and share what your business is all about! A corporate retreat is a great moral booster for people both inside and outside of the company. Retreats can be a huge motivator for positive words to be spread, and why wouldn’t they be? Nobody can say a short break from time to time is bad, it’s something positive for all!  

5. Who doesn’t love a bit of time away? 

A corporate retreat brings many positives, but we can’t deny that a getaway is always appealing! It’s a break from work, and a time to relax, but the feature of a corporate retreat that makes it better than a holiday alone, is that it has so many benefits that can be shared with all! Community and friendship are what hold a strong workforce together, and a corporate retreat helps strengthen that… and a few days off work… 

Just an hour from London, Nedging Hall is a great option for a corporate retreat. The Hall is able to accommodate up to 22 guests so you will have the house and all the grounds to yourselves, and with it, a seamless experience for corporate activities. Nedging Hall feels homely yet special. Situated in a serene location within the Suffolk countryside and with its own 5,000 acres of gardens and parkland, we provide a tranquil location that is conducive to professional work as well as relaxation.



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